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Who Runs It?
The Community Help Hub is an initiative of Hope Church Bedlington. We are a Christian Church and a registered charity. You can find out more about Hope Church by visiting

The Community Help Hub is available to all members of the community on the basis of a person’s need, and regardless of their religious belief [or lack thereof], gender, age, ethnicity or sexual orientation, subject only to a reasonable behaviour condition. You don’t have to be a member of the Church or support our aims and objectives in order to use the services we provide. Everyone is welcome.

How Is The Community Help Hub Funded?
The Community Help Hub costs around £12,000 per year to run, excluding paid staff. Major costs are rent for the building, telephone and IT charges, electricity, water rates and stationary. Although we reserve the right to apply for grants for specific aspects of the service we provide, almost all of the cost of providing the Help Hub is met through voluntary donations from members of Hope Church Bedlington. Most of the staff you will meet in the Help Hub are giving their time voluntarily too.

What Else Do You Do?
From time to time either we or other agencies who work with us closely will offer free Seminars in our upstairs Seminar Room on a range of subjects of relevance to people in the community. Examples include Money Management, CV Writing, Job Interview Skills and Choices & Wellbeing. Seminars will be advertised as and when they are run so please keep an eye out for notices in the Hub or ask our staff if anything is planned currently.

We also arrange with other agencies providing complimentary services to use offices within the Community Help Hub. It may therefore be the case you are advised to come to the Help Hub to see another agency. Just pop in and we will direct you to the office they are using.


Community Help Hub

Community Help Hub
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